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California drivers who receive a citation in Los Angeles County will observe a four digit code on their court documents referred to as a Law Enforcement Agency Code or LEA code. This code is necessary to recognize the organization in LA County that issued the traffic ticket. Traffic schools are obliged to acquire the 4-digit LEA code for all citations given out by Los Angeles County officials.

You can locate the LEA code on the “courtesy notice” documentation given by the court; the LEA code is regularly a four-digit figure recorded directly after your case/citation number. Also, you can typically find the name of the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) at the top of your actual traffic ticket. Different Law Enforcement Agencies may list their name in a different area of the ticket.

  • LEA Code: Usually a 4 digit code that can be found on your traffic school courtesy notice paperwork sent from the court.
  • LEA Name: The name of the Law Enforcement Agency that issued your citation, usually found on the top of your traffic ticket.