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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is online traffic school?

Our California Online Traffic School costs only $24.95. We accept all major credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). The course price includes:

  • 12 short (1 page) chapters withtext with images, short open-book multiple-choice quizzes, a 25 question final exam and electronic delivery of your completion certificate to the DMV.
  • Access to our online course and 24 hour per day customer support.
  • An “Open Book” Final Exam. You can search for the answers.

How do I register for the course?

It’s easy to register, just click the “Register” link at the top of the page and get started! After course registration, you can start your traffic school course immediately.

Can I use a mobile device (smart phone, tablet) to take the course?

Yes. Any device with internet access will work. This course was specifically designed to work on any mobile device.

Is this an approved and licensed course?

Yes. We are a DMV Licensed course. License #E8581.

Please check this site for further information – www.dmv.ca.gov.

How long does the California Online Traffic School take?

Our California licensed traffic school is a self-paced online course. You do not need to take the course in one sitting. You may log in and out as many times as you desire. Finish in one day or over several days – that’s your choice.

What if I don’t have time to complete the course in one sitting?

Our California Online Traffic School allows you to work at your own pace. Log out whenever you want and when you return – enter your driver license number and password to log back in and work on the course whenever it’s convenient for you.

Can I use another computer or mobile device?

Yes. You may start on one computer and complete it on another. All you need is access to the internet and a web browser.

How long do I have to complete my California Online Traffic School Course?

Generally speaking, you have 90 days from the date you received permission to attend a traffic school course.  If you are unsure about when you need to have your completion certificate turned in, contact the court that issued your citation. We recommend that you complete the course in enough time for us to submit your certificate to the DMV by your due date. To be on the safe side we recommend at least one week. We do offer expedited processing for last minute due dates.

How long does it take to receive my completion certificate?

All certificates are sent electronically to the DMV. With standard service we will process your certificate within 3 business days of completion. We offer Expedited options for your convenience. You can select your processing option during registration.

Can you send my certificate electronically?

Yes. We send all certificates electronically to the DMV. The DMV will batch certificates from all schools and send them to the individual courts.

What if my deadline to complete my course has passed?

We suggest that you contact the court and see if there is any way to get an extension to complete your course. If you’ve waited until the last minute we always suggest that you complete your course on or before your due date. Contact your court and ask for an extension to provide them with your certificate. It is always better to complete your course than to let your deadline pass.

What happens if I fail the final?

You will be provided 2 attempts to pass the final exam. The exam is 25 questions and is OPEN BOOK. You may review the study material during the final exam and search for the answers. If you fail to pass your final exam on your first and second attempt the law requires that you rereregister and do an entire course over again.

For a Traffic Citation/Ticket – can I select a court close to me or am I required to select the court on my citation?

You will need to select the ticketing county and court. Your certificate must be turned into the correct court.

What if I haven’t found the answers to my questions?

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.